“I had been wanting to get a dog for 20 years, ever since my childhood dog died, and was delighted when Rachel agreed to come with me to meet the breeder when I first went to see the dog.  Rachel was incredibly well prepared, with a long list of sensible questions (breed, nutrition, vaccinations, home environment, separation anxieties etc) and gave me loads of reassurance on the train on the way down.  I was pretty nervous as it was a big commitment and I really wanted to get a fantastic dog to add to our small family.  Rachel was fantastically assertive in making sure that we were dealing with a good, ethical breeder and that the puppy we saw was healthy, happy, well-adjusted. She insisted on seeing where the dog slept, meeting the mother, talking with the breeder and observing Maxwell (our dog) in his home.  I was so grateful and relieved when she winked at me to say that we’d found a keeper. We’ve had Maxwell a year now and he’s turned into a sociable, confident, loving and effusive dog – we couldn’t love him more. I would thoroughly recommend getting Rachel involved even before you have selected your dog – using her wisdom, getting her guidance and  reassurance has been really helpful to us.” Patrick, Highbury