Rachel Worley is a Behavioural Training Consultant providing:

  • Pre-Ownership Advice

    This service in invaluable for anyone considering giving a home to a new puppy or older dog, or for those dog owners wishing to take on another companion. Available remotely via telephone , email by way of a lifestyle questionnaire, or a home visit, the information provided will help prospective owners make the right decision with regards to choosing the right type of dog for their personal situation.

  • Training Classes

    Centred around The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, (http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/dogtraining), group classes are held on Sunday mornings in an enclosed, sheltered area of Marble Hill Park, TW1. Each course consists of eight, hourly sessions, which can be taken over an approximate 12 week period to provide flexibility for missed sessions if necessary. Courses will be structured on a rolling basis, so enrollment can commence at any time from a week after second vaccination.

  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Examination

    As an experienced KC Approved Examiner for the GCDS Bronze, Silver and Gold, Rachel is available to examine at clubs and organisations within London and The Home Counties. To discuss requirements, please click here.

  • Puppy Essentials Sessions

    These key sessions are for owners who have just brought their new puppy home or are planning ahead and seeking information before they collect their new arrival. Available via veterinary referral or direct appointment, these 90 minute pre-vaccination home visits or post-second vaccination veterinary consults, cover everything a puppy would like its owners to understand from before it arrives in it’s new home through to it reaching 16 weeks of age…which for some dogs is the equivalent of being 5 human years old!

  • Puppy Parties

    These fun and informative small group sessions are held at veterinary practices and topics include: common behaviour queries, basic training, the importance of appropriate play, effective socialisation techniques and routine healthcare. To enquire whether your veterinary practice, or one local to you, is currently offering this service, please email rachel@petdogbehaviour.webbrowebdesigns.co.uk/
    For Vets wishing to sign up or find out more about the availability of sessions, please click here.

  • Rescue Needs Consults

    These 90 minute home-based sessions are tailored to the needs of re-homed rescue dogs. Typically with a focus on separation-elicited issues, topics also commonly present with regression in toilet-training, over-attachment, recall problems and help needed by owners to gain and maintain both the control and trust of their dog. For further information, or to arrange a consult, please contact your veterinary practice for a referral or click here to book directly.

  • Behaviour  Consultations

    When experiencing behavioural discord, consultations lasting approximately 2 hours are arranged to observe the dog with its family and discover the cause of conflict. All members of the household must be present in order to gain an accurate diagnosis. Available via veterinary referral or direct appointment, these sessions are held in-practice, at home or where appropriate, at an outdoor location pertaining to the issues requiring resolution.
    The family will either be presented with a training programme, be required to attend a series of training sessions or be advised to admit their dog to residential training for a period of 2-3 weeks, after which they will be instructed how to handle the dog to maintain the newly acquired behaviours and be required to attend weekly up-keep sessions to prevent regression. Follow up support will be readily available by telephone and /or email. All cases will be seen after receiving confirmation from the dog’s veterinary practitioner that there is no medical reason to explain the cause of behaviour.

  • One-to-One Tuition

    Locational training is carried out on a one-to-one basis using kind, effective reward methods. Based around everyday desirable behaviours, sessions are held at home, in the park, incorporating street walking, car travel and any other aspects of a dog’s daily routine that owner’s would like assistance with. Recommended by veterinary practices across the South East of England, training is structured around six sessions lasting approximately an hour each, best held over a maximum period of eight weeks. All exercises required for The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme are also catered for and help is provided for seeking an appropriate club to attend for testing. For further information or to book a course of one-to-one tuition, click here.

  • Residential Services

    Residential training is also offered in conjunction with behavioural advice. This consists of your dog being trained whilst living as part of my family group over a period of 2-4 weeks thus enabling total focus on the issues at hand. During this time owners can visit their dog as well as observe training sessions. At the end of the training period, owners will be instructed how to handle the dog in order to maintain the newly acquired behaviours as well as attend weekly up-keep sessions to prevent regression.
    Residential training does not provide a quick fix. Owners must be prepared to invest personal time and effort following their dog’s residential stay, with all primary and secondary carers working together consistently to maintain the desirable behaviours which have been taught…it is of no use to any family or individual for their dog to only respond in the coveted manner for the professional whom it does not actually share its life with.

  • Rachel Worley PPDTI Adv.

    Professional Behavioural Trainer for the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

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