New Puppy Consultations

These key sessions are for owners who have just brought their new puppy home or are planning ahead and seeking information before they collect their new arrival.

Available as a 1:1 or group session, via veterinary referral or direct appointment, these 90 minute pre-vaccination home visits or between-vaccination veterinary consults, cover everything a puppy would like its owners to understand from before it arrives in it’s new home through to it reaching 16 weeks of age…which for some dogs is the equivalent of being 5 human years old!

Topics covered include socialisation, basic psychology of how dogs learn, life skills training, appropriate play, bonding, calming signals, body language, the developmental stages of puppyhood including the experimental behaviours that arise throughout such as jumping up, mouthing, stealing and chasing, plus much more.

Studio Photography by Tim Rose 

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  • Rachel Worley PPDTI Adv.

    Professional Behavioural Trainer for the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

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