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Pawsitive Influence : Day Care for Dogs where Behaviour Matters…is exactly that.

A tired dog is a happy dog” is a slogan used many a time by day care providers. However, being that they do not take behaviour into account, there is very little understanding about WHY a dog may be going home tired…
  • Is it because the dog has been allowed to uncontrollably run riot with other dogs all day?
  •  Is it because the dog has felt frustrated around ill-mannered dogs?
  • Is it because the dog has been intervening between unruly pups that are void of supervision?
  • Is it because the dog has been anxious and insecure in its environment?
  • Or has the dog been over-exercised with no encouragement to rest or settle in the presence of other dogs?
Clients often approach with difficulty controlling the desire of their dog to jump up, pull on the lead and not come back when called. On investigation, the day care providers are fussing the dogs when they jump up to them on arrival, thus rewarding and encouraging it; allowing the dog to drag them to their vehicle where they are rewarded by joining their friends on board; releasing the dogs from the vehicle despite uncontrollable noise and agitation, therefore rewarding the dogs for not displaying any safe, vehicle etiquette; failing to engage with the dogs with appropriate play with toys and leaving them to constantly engage with each other, promoting over-reactive behaviour by doing so. This works fine for the dogs Monday to Friday. But when their owners come to take them out at the weekend, the presentation of the lead becomes a signal for over-excited, manic behaviour, lead-pulling, no interest in engaging with people when out but rather a preference to seek out other dogs and only come back when they choose.
Pawsitive Influence aims to ensure that all dogs within care are a positive role model for one another and supports every owner in the developmental behavioural training of their dog around the home and out on a walk.
If you are interested in registering your dog for day care that won’t undo your efforts to nurture a social, well-mannered dog that behaves when it matters the most, please email rachel@petdogbehaviour.webbrowebdesigns.co.uk/ to request an enquiry pack.

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