Training Classes

Centred around The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, group classes are held on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings in an enclosed area of Marble Hill Park, TW1 and 2nd Teddington Scout Hut, TW2.

As an experienced Kennel Club Approved Examiner, Rachel is well-versed with the spirit of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and has many fun and informative training techniques to progress all ages, breeds and temperament dispositions through Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

With an emphasis on control, (waking nicely on the lead, recalling to owner and not jumping up), plus good manners, teaching is combined with the use of play and the building of an emotional bond between dog and owner.

As the name suggests, Reality Dog Training has been set up to allow owners to gain and maintain control of their dogs where it matters the most…outside, in real-life situations with all the distractions typically presented.

Each course consists of eight, hourly sessions, which can be taken over an approximate 12 week period to provide flexibility for missed sessions if necessary.

Courses are be structured on a rolling basis and enrollment can commence at any time from a week after first vaccination as the initial session is indoors.

To request a booking form, please email rachel@petdogbehaviour.webbrowebdesigns.co.uk/

Twickenham Dog Trainer

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  • Rachel Worley PPDTI Adv.

    Professional Behavioural Trainer for the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

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